Creating Elegance with Clay

There are few people who will argue that English fine bone china is a standard when it comes to dishware that is a cut above the rest. These beautiful pieces, fashioned out of a mixture of clay and bone ash, have long been considered the ultimate dishes for lavish dining and entertaining. They provide a look of beauty and elegance, and many of them have been created specifically for the owners. Not everyone can afford this type of luxury item, but fine bone china and porcelain sets can be crafted by hand for those with the time and skills to make them.

Creating a set of bone china or fine porcelain dishes can take as much or little time as the creator wishes to spend. When making the pieces from clay, slurry can be poured into molds and dried. If the person wants a set of dishware that has been completely made by hand, they can take the time to fashion each piece without a mold using regular clay. Either way, the clay must dry and be fired before it can be decorated.

The type of decoration largely depends upon the final product desired, and the pottery artist has several choices. If a completely hand-made set is desired, each piece can be decorated with glazes that are formulated for high temperature firing in a kiln. Those who would rather have an exactly repeating pattern may choose to create their design on a computer, and they then have the option of having ceramic decals or decals for glass printed. These can be quickly affixed to the piece without the need for hours of labor.

One final step is necessary for a finished piece, and this is where the final glaze is added before the last kiln firing. Modern glazes offer a variety of finishes from high gloss to matte, and a wide range of colours are also available in glazes for those who want more colourful depth in addition to the design they have chosen.