Easy Pottery Projects for Beginners

Although you are filled with confidence about creating a beautiful pottery piece, it is best to start from the bottom...


Classes and Types of Clay


Earthenware clay was one of the first clays ever used by potters. In today’s pottery world it has become one...


Basic Tools Used For Pottery


Chamois skin is great for compressing the edges of your pottery. The skin can also be used to smooth any...


Finishing Your Pottery

Now that you've made your first cookie jar, cup or vase you may want to decorate and glaze it. Decorations...


Creating Elegance with Clay

There are few people who will argue that English fine bone china is a standard when it comes to...

Whether you and your friends are simply looking for a reason to make a fool of yourself using a pottery wheel or you want to take up clay pottery as a serious hobby, you have come to the right place.

Watch a video on throwing clay and making a clay cookie jar and lid: